Where to Submit Your Written SEO Content


Article submission has long been known as a methodology for generating traffic, and even with changes in technology is still considered a valuable traffic generation tactic. Though search engine rules keep changing and Panda and Penguin updates dropped a lot of ranking sites, you should still try and include article marketing in your search engine optimization strategy.


Article Creation


Before you can submit your content you’ll find yourself in the “I Need Articles” position. This can be frustrating because most SEO’s need content NOW for their site! Just remember that there are several ways to get content and we’ll discuss that in later articles on this site. Let move forward with discussing what to do with your written content. 


Marketers are always on the lookout for the fastest methods of submitting articles to obtain the best results, so we will look at the basics in getting started.


Article Directories


It’s a good idea to start by submitting your articles to one of the best-known article directories, namely Ezine Articles. This is a well-established site and has developed a reputation as a useful resource and provider of information. More importantly, it has a large following of readers, which means potential traffic for you.


Signing up for Ezine Articles as a writer is not complex, providing you follow their submission guidelines, and once you are approved, you can start submitting your articles. They have some very specific rules as to what you can and can’t do but provided you follow these you shouldn’t have too many problems. For example, the content you submit must be unique, not just copied from another source, and you can’t fill your article with links, just one at the bottom, which you will be using to promote your money site or niche.


Once your article is accepted, it’s not unusual to find you can start ranking with Google. Of course, how high you rank will depend on the competitive niche of your subject matter. You can help your search engine optimization process along by building additional links to your article, which will help give it a boost up the search engines.


Backlinking Methods


Simplistically off-page search engine optimization is about getting a high page one Google ranking, and though a number of methods are used to achieve this, one of the most valuable is the link building process. Basically, Google sees quality links to your site as meaning your site has value and rewards you by increasing your page rank.


A very simple method of adding backlinks to your article is to submit your author RSS feed and submit it to RSS directories. There are several types of software applications that can do this, or you can do it manually. Start off with ten feeds at first and build up to moreover a consistent period of time. You should keep a notepad or excel spreadsheet record of each directory that you have submitted your feed to so that you don’t duplicate the process.


Another useful tip is to ping your articles with one of the many free ping sites online.


You can also do social bookmarking on your article. Again this can be done with software or manually, depending on your budget and time constraints. You might be surprised as to how a well-written article can benefit from being submitted to, for example, Digg or StumbleUpon for links and traffic.


Mention your article on your Twitter feed or Facebook, all good methods for getting your article noticed and backlinked.


In Summary


There are hundreds of article directories on the internet that you can post your article to, some having a lot more value than others. Just do a search for article directories and find those that are most popular to submit your articles to. This is a very quick way to get your site indexed and backlinked, which all contribute to your search engine optimization strategy.

Many online affiliates do try and do Search Engine optimization the old school way or simply choose some black hat methods that will bring in short term results, but they cannot be compared to article marketing and genuine link building campaigns. Search engines are constantly ahead of people using black hat methods, and I would urge you to stay away from anything risky or to sound too good.


Article Marketing


There are marketers who say that article directories can be spammed to death with rubbish articles that do not make any sense; as long as the backlinks are generated, it is actually classed as good search engine optimization. However, there are two main purposes of article marketing, if not three:

  • One of them is getting your site ranking higher in search engines by building up one-way links pointing back to your site.
  • The other one is off-site search engine optimization, where you are trying to prove Search Engines that your site is an authority website and is closely related to the keywords you tag your articles with. Therefore article marketing is going to contribute towards your search engine rankings and page rank.
  • The third, most important, although long term goal of article marketing is to build a “fan base” of people interested in the topic you are writing about. These people should be captured and lead back to your website constantly in order to generate profit with your article marketing and search engine optimization efforts.

All of the above three reasons are alone enough to convince you about article marketing is a very important search engine optimization tool, but you can only succeed if you are using all the three aspects of article marketing effectively. You need to learn how to write killer articles and how to make people click on your links. But you also have to learn your keyword research as well in order to succeed with search engine optimization.


Many affiliates and online marketers complain that article marketing takes too much time, effort, and getting articles accepted is getting harder and harder. But the truth is, it is needed for a successful search engine optimization campaign if you like it or not.

Below are a couple of practical tips on how to improve your article marketing and succeed with your SEO campaign.

  1. Don’t leave keyword research out. If there is a keyword you are targeting, it is important that you check every aspect of it from the search engine optimization perspective. How many searches monthly, how many results, competition on Google, and the page ranks and backlinks of pages competing for a page 1 position. If there are videos or articles on page 1 for your keyword, you have a chance to get in, but if it is full of page rank
  2.  Seven authority sites, you’d better look for another keyword before you waste time and effort on article marketing.
  3. Rewrite your articles, do not spin them. Over the past few 
  4. Years I have been offered dozens of spinner software that promised to create article content that “speaks English,” however, none of them was good enough, so I do manually rewrite my articles.
  5. Don’t send the same article to hundreds of article directories; concentrate on the quality of backlinks. I usually create a few unique versions and use a free article submitter software that only sends the articles to the largest and highest-ranked directories. You can download this article submitter software right now on my site.
  6. Press Releases. Now it is not a long way from writing an article and rewriting it as a Press Release: extra traffic, higher rankings, and unique content.
  7. If you think you don’t have enough time to write and submit articles, you can do just the keyword research and outsource the whole process.